“Who you gonna call?”

For all you movie buffs out there, then we can imagine what you are saying or singing right now! For those of us who grew up in the 80’s – now we are showing our age, then this just rolled off the tongue when we were kids.
On that note, it did get us thinking about what makes people just pick up the phone to a recruitment firm as soon as a vacancy comes up. Time after time we hear of situations where a person is leaving and things are busy so, “call an agency” is said, or “give it to some agencies”.
We want to ask the question…why?

Why is it perceived that this is always the right initial route to take when a company has a vacancy.

It makes us think that businesses see a need and reach out to a business who will then advertise a vacancy to attract applicants a range of candidates are presented and so on and so on. We guess that to an extent this is the wheel of recruitment.

You may ask, what is wrong with that? In principle, not much, however, there is a very important step that has been missed here and one that needs to be thought about before just jumping on that wheel.

Working with a recruitment partner needs to be based on trust. You as a business owner, you place your trust in an external organization to find you the right candidate for that vacancy. This is someone who is coming to join your business and make a difference. Someone who is playing their part in your business success. To get involved in the recruitment process will then involve your time which you have already identified as precious because you have said, “call the agency”. This means you are super busy and just need a company to find you a person to fill the role.

We say, STOP! Hold on for a moment. A recruitment partner is exactly that. When you engage with a firm who are searching for talent for your business, in one way, how can you even put a price on that? It is a very interesting discussion topic.

Perhaps we are slightly biased as we are very transparent about how we work with clients and candidates and we don’t hold a database of people or ask for CV’s. We see our role as recruiters and recruitment partners one of immense importance. The first point to just consider, which may not result in any change, is that off “do we need to recruit like for like?” Is this a time to stop and consider how your team or business is structured?

Recently we have been in many situations where we have been approached by new clients who have been interested to know how we can help. Those vital early discussions resulted in a change of direction for that client and ultimately an improved team structure.

Like anything, we know that every business is unique and so are the people in it. Re-structure is not always going to be the answer when a vacancy does arise. However, we just know that as recruiters and recruitment partners, it is super important that we listen and advise with clients. Hearing about their goals and ambitions enables us to ask questions and then offer ideas or new pathways that will help them source the talent for that to happen.


So, going right back to the title of this blog, “who you gonna call?” Well, if we think about it like this, if there is a vacancy and you are not sure, who you gonna call, The Recruiters!

It so healthy to keep this kind of dialogue going and challenge the status quo, ask yourself why?