Brand V Culture – what drives your business?

Ok, so you may be asking, why is a recruitment firm talking about brand and culture?

Surely it should be more about job opportunities, CV’s, interviews and such the like.

Well, yes, we do talk about some of those, although, not normally CV’s as we don’t collect them. The other points are very much on our agenda and to find out more then it’s worth taking a look at our steps to success! Anyway, back to the matter in hand – brand or culture?

We are taking a few moments to really ask is brand driving your culture or is culture driving your brand? There is so much talk about brand and what it actually means – to some, it’s a logo – to others its an advert and to others it’s the overall identity of a business. With so many elements to brand, it can be difficult to sum it up – there are corporate brands, personal brands, product brands and service brands.

Within that there is often talk around promises and delivering to customer expectations.

Then we look at culture, what do we mean by that? Our view on this is all about the experience, the feelings, the emotions and quite simply how someone felt who was involved with your business.

This is where recruitment comes in – recruitment and the process you have for it in your organisation is a massive part of your culture. Taking a commercial viewpoint – if we just think about the bottom line here, you know, the cash, the sales – the results! It’s all achieved by your people, the talent in your business that works together in such a connected way so that you see success. The culture of your organisation is what holds that in place – its what attracts those people to you.

Are they attracted to brand? Are they attracted to culture?

Our opinion is that culture drives your brand and that is why this topic is so important as part of your recruitment policy and process. Taking a long-term view sounds easy – we know that life and time can make it more challenging to deliver that view in practice, however, if the essence of it is there then the right outcomes are more likely.

Developing your business culture will make a significant difference to your brand – your business will be fueled by the talent that will take you to the dizzy heights of success.

For more details on developing a sustainable recruitment policy – talk to our industry experts.