What sparks your curiosity?

Our day to day lives are very much driven on enjoying some kind of routine, whether that’s home, work, or both.  I know myself with a family and 2 dogs that I need home structure so that things get done and I can keep myself in a good frame of mind and, so my dogs get out twice a day!  Having my work values and standards certainly make a big difference to my working day.

However, what makes us stop and wonder? What does it take to unlock our curiosity?

Having worked in the recruitment profession now for over 18 years and with many years’ experience in the science and technology sector based across Europe, I know how valuable it is to stand back and ask “why” or “what is that” or “what does that do”?

You may ask how a move from science and technology to people brings with it any synergy – the answer is bucket loads!  There is such a strong link between people and process – if we get that right in recruitment then we end up with a positive product.  In the scientific world, we need to question as at the heart of that is the need to prove, to innovate, to show results and as you will have seen on many TV dramas, the science is the evidence and it’s impossible to hide behind.

So, why do we seem as though through routine we can allow ourselves to just accept how things are?

I am really passionate about challenging the status quo (and yes, I am trying not to add some comment here about recruiting all over the world!)  This is one of the reasons why I set up my own business, because I wanted to challenge and provide an alternative.

I love it when people ask me if I am a recruitment agency – my answer is no!

This seems to spark their curiosity as they wonder what else can I be?  My answer is simple, I am a recruiter and love being in this often-misunderstood profession.

Isn’t it interesting how we build our thoughts on perceptions but not always our direct experiences?  This is how our world operates but it is so amazingly healthy to stop and breathe and start questioning.

My challenge to you is to try and look at one of your daily routines differently and ask “why”?