Recruitment under the hammer!

Going once, going twice……sold to the man with the yellow hat!

Ok, well, that’s what came into our minds as we wrote this but you can imagine any person you like sat in the auctioneers smiling like a Cheshire cat as they have just purchased a special item that for them, means the world and what he has paid is not the point – its about what it means to him!

The key point here is about “value” – perhaps it reminds him of a special memory, maybe it’s been a lifelong passion to own such an item or maybe it simply makes him feel amazing to own it. Price is not important, value is!

Let’s explore more about value, how it features in recruitment and the many ways we can bring this into the recruitment process as well as the people involved along the way.

Recently there has been much talk of value-based recruitment. Research has shown us that many companies spend considerable time developing such a strategy before they look to find the talent they need. This just shows the level of time invested into ensuring the values of the company and the desired values of candidates is matched. I think many of us can relate to a time when a company had a vacancy, you sent a CV, it showed relevant experience and looked ok, you attended an interview, answered key questions and showed you could hold conversation and then may have been offered a job.

Recruitment now is gone to a different level in respect of value and this is such a wonderful thing. As a profession, and let’s face it, that’s what recruitment is! It is refreshing to be able to use the word value and not have someone just say “what is your percentage charge”

As leading advisers in the field of recruitment, we can certainly speak for ourselves when we say “hooray for value and goodbye to just price”

We see value in a few ways and are excited to share more of that with you. Just before we get the meaty bit, we do want to say that these points are in no particular order!

So, kicking this off is the value in our own business and service delivery. Let’s be honest, if we are putting ourselves out there as talent finding specialists, we need to ensure we have faith and confidence in that as a starting point. Being transparent also makes a massive difference to us and our clients. Given our industry experience, we enjoy just giving that level of service and value. I suppose on the back of our industry experience we know for sure that recruiters are in a very honored position, and we respect that very much. We see that our clients have placed considerable value in us to find them the right match.

Next its time to look at the value existing within our clients businesses. In this section, we need to factor in things like work culture, environment, character, ambitions, plans and morale. These are just a few and being open about this, the list is quite extensive. That’s because businesses have various functions within them – different departments, people and processes that need to come together to drive growth and success. Phew, that’s quite a thing and taking a step back you can start to see just why and how the impact of value in the recruitment process is so important. It is the people who have the responsibility. A business needs to give clear communication of their values from the start, not when a person actually starts in their role but before they even recruit for it!

Our last section is all about value in candidates. The world now is full of exciting opportunities, we have instant access to almost anything we need. It is so comforting to see more focus around the well being of people in all aspects of life. Working hours and shift patterns have changed and what comes with that is the ongoing need to ensure happy and safe working for all. Candidates are now emerging with their own set of values and desires.

Wow, this is quite something when you put all this together and as yet, we have not talked about the issue of “price” Yes, we have mentioned it now only because we feel its best to get it out there and out of the way.

A recruiter is there to bring their own sense of value to the service they offer and then take that forward. The next step is to ensure alignment with all the amazing values of a client to those values of a candidate. Here are just a few ways to incorporate value in the process of recruitment:

  •  Set out your company values
  •  Ensure values are represented in any job descriptions and adverts
  • Develop a range of skill assessments, personality questionnaires & cognitive tests
  • Expand the interview process with structed questions and role plays

Our own steps to success are our way of bringing value led recruitment to our clients. We know from first hand experience both as recruiters and from our time in industry when we reached out to recruitment firms, that people perform much better, have increased morale, stay longer and are just happier when placed in the right role for their values and those of their employer.
Get in touch and lets talk more about your company, your values and goals.