Meet the team at Patrick Lonergan recruitment

We are proud to say that our team have considerable industry experience coupled with high level recruitment expertise.  We can honestly say we are well into double figures when it comes to years of experience!

This combination ensures we deliver on our service pledge and demonstrates our ability to understand your commercial environment, take an holistic view and find your next candidate.

Meet Patrick

Qualifying from Hull University in 1994 with a BSc and MSc in Physics & Applied Physics, focusing on Liquid Crystals, Laser Technology and Optoelectronics, Patrick went straight into a role within a German Research Institute as a Development Engineer. During his time here he travelled around Europe and was very much involved in the development of Laser machining centres for the fabrication of 3D optics. He returned to the North East in 1997 where he spent 2 years with Schott Industrial Glass in another development role. From there he moved to a more senior position with LG Philips. As Senior Development Engineer, he played a key role within the European Development Team for flat screen televisions, supporting manufacturing sites in Germany, France, UK & Mexico.
After 5 years he moved to a technical role with a manufacturing business and it was at this point Patrick was approached about a move into recruitment. In his engineering based roles, Patrick had been heavily involved in processes and people with a real leaning towards productivity. He was interested to take his combination of skills and passion for people and use in a new environment.
From 2009 to 2016 Patrick had senior positions in recruitment businesses across the region with a particular specialism in engineering and scientific. It was in 2016 that Patrick had his light bulb moment and spotted an opportunity to take a fresh look at how recruitment could support aspiring businesses.

Meet Steven

Steven started his career as an apprentice fitter at Rothmans in Darlington. He then moved to Calsonic Kansai as an engineer and whilst here he gained promotion to First Line Manager. After 6 years he made the move to Tolwood Multi-fasteners in Newton Aycliffe, a leading company in the manufacture of Fasteners, Pressings and Assemblies. He secured the position of Manufacturing Manager and lead the recruitment of all operational staff, after 9 years he was promoted to Manufacturing Director.
In 2007, Steven joined TMD Friction, a global business, as Lead Engineer. After 3 ½ years he was promoted to Engineering Manager. This role brought with it the opportunity to get more involved in the team aspect of the business. Steven played a key role in hiring people in a variety of roles. Maintaining efficiency, handling health and safety and overseeing work schedules enabled Steven to really utilise the skills gained in his previous roles.
He was able to further showcase this when he was promoted to UK Engineering Manager. He spent 8 years overseeing national projects and programmes with a strong leaning towards people and planning.