Made in a factory that may contain…

Thinking back to when we were growing up and it seems like yesterday, oh well, here goes our love of songs again! Yesterday, all my recruiters seemed so far away!

You see, we just can’t help ourselves!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand – we were reflecting to when we were growing up and that memory of when mum served up a nice warm slice of a Victoria Sponge cake or that amazing feeling of anticipation as the aroma of a home-made mince and onion pie made its way around every room of the house! One of our team said it was that feeling of leaving school and getting home as soon as possible to see what mum had been baking! We just couldn’t wait to enjoy the taste and nothing else other than eating it as quickly as possible was the objective. We just trusted mums to make a tasty mince pie, we were not bothered at all about how she did it or what amount of ingredients were in it, we just ate it!

Is there a link between this and how businesses just reach out to a recruitment firm with a role to fill? We can explore more about that later…..

This led us to thinking about how society has adapted over the years and the changes we see now. Before we move on, just a quick pre-requisite, we are certain that there are still loads of amazing home baking and cooking going on as the next generation of bakers are coming through. You only have to look at The Bake Off as an example of how home baking is taking on a whole new meaning.

We also saw massive change in the food industry when Greggs introduced the vegan sausage roll, this created such a stir yet now, it is considered one of our favourites. It is refreshing to remember that shaking up the norm is ok! They just delivered what people needed and wanted but did stick to processes and quality.

If we move from home to the world of purchased goods, it is fascinating to see how things have moved on in respect of labelling for example. Labelling is almost the end game, the point where the purchaser needs to understand more before making a choice.

Let’s think about the steps before the labelling. There is a process in there and in fact, many processes to follow to ensure the end product is of high quality and meets our needs. Take a moment to think about this and as you go around your day-to-day life, look at the time we spend picking up things, reading the labels, discovering the manufacturing process, checking the quantity and range of ingredients and even down to the environment the product was made in.

Society now demands, and rightly so, information to make the right choices. We are hungry for knowledge, we want to soak it up and digest it. There is purpose to this and it could be as vital as checking for allergens.

Ok, so we go through all of that and that may be only to purchase a pre-made vegetable pie!

Now put that in the context of recruitment. Why don’t we demand the same level of transparency with the recruitment service?

What process was followed to get to the end result? The end result being the perfect candidate in the right role. Let’s take that even further and look ahead 6 months into the placement of that candidate and check that the experience didn’t leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth or an allergic reaction! We know it is not healthy for anyone to be in the wrong job or environment. The impact on both client and candidate is significant. So, like buying a pre-made pie, we check the process, the ingredients, the manufacturing environment and make sure it will match our appetite and desired outcome.

Ask the same of your recruiter!

• Discover their process for finding you talent
• Question their experience in your environment
• Read their story
• Know their environment
• See the ratios in their steps

It’s all about knowing your recruiter!