I don’t see a CV anywhere

According to the gospel that is google – the first CV was in 1482 and it was done by Leonardo de Vinci.

Wow, we wonder what he would make of how things have changed.

Do you think back to when you started your career and the first thing you did was to prepare a CV. We have seen changes over recent years in the preferred style and layout as well as the level of content being reduced in many cases.

This is not a blog about disliking CV’s. There are so many reasons why it is good to have one. It maybe you are starting your career and need to set your stall out or perhaps considering a move and just want to collate all your experience in one place. It can be quite motivating to see your achievements down on paper. It also may get you thinking about what your previous roles actually did involve.

However, for us, the biggest element of change when it comes to CV’s is that we don’t ask for them.

What? I hear you say!

“You are an agency?” “That’s what agencies do!”

These are just some of the things people say when we tell them that our approach does not involve asking candidates to send a CV to us that we store on file for any future vacancies.

First things first. That’s because we are not an agency. We are a recruitment firm.

So, clients approach us and more often than not, retain us to do the work as our dedication is to find the right fit and complement their team and business with talent.

Our belief is that we are in the people business and are led by the needs of clients. We then take steps to find people and we search candidates who meet those needs. With our combined years of industrial experience, we know how vital it is that a candidate fits in to the business culture as well as the specific job essentials.

What drives us is the end result. Seeing longevity with the candidates we place and the contribution they make to a business is what we are in it for. Yes, we love the word process but only in respect of having a transparent process that shows our clients how we work a certain way, why and what it means to them. Our communication with clients and candidates is far from a process.

We talk so much about transparency as there is so much belief in not just our ethos but of the bigger picture that is “recruitment”. Businesses place immense trust in a firm to find them the people that will ultimately play a role in the success of their business. This is a massive deal! If you look at it in that context then you start to see why it is so important that a recruitment firm is open about their processes. It also demonstrates why it is essential that a recruiter adopts a thorough and in-depth approach and understanding of client needs.

Our communication is driven by client needs and is done in person. We gain a lot from people’s body language and find that true conversation is sparked from face-to-face communication.

Look out for more conversation on this topic as we will be delving deeper into the A-Z of recruitment and what it really takes to be authentic, passionate and intentional. This is a subject that we love a good healthy debate on, so we would always welcome your comments and feedback.

You can explore more about our ethos here>> https://patricklonerganrecruitment.com/ethos/