Let’s talk transparency

If you had a £ for every time you have heard “transparency” used in sales pitches recently, I am confident you would be buying the coffees for us right now!
Why do we seem as though we love that word and why does it resonate so much with us?
Perhaps even more importantly, how do we asses that it represents anything or use that a measuring process once the initial sale of a product or service has been delivered?
So, like you may do, I searched the meaning and I found this to illustrate what we are really talking about.


Transparency is the quality that an object or substance has when you can see through it.
Cataracts is a condition that affects the transparency of the lenses. [+ of]


The transparency of a process, situation, or statement is its quality of being easily understood or recognized, for example because there are no secrets connected with it, or because it is expressed in a clear way.
The Chancellor emphasised his determination to promote openness and transparency in the Government’s economic decision-making. [+ in]
(thanks to the Collins English dictionary for this)
I am getting a sense of a way to make sure that ongoing service relationships are open, honest and there is not complicated language between the two parties. In addition, there needs to be clarity in the communication so both parties understand.
Being open about this subject, I use that as one of my core values – this is because I believe that is exactly what I deliver.
It’s the relationship that needs to be transparent. This is one of the ways I enjoy talking about the “why” I am different in my approach. I am open and very keen to talk to my clients about my process, why I operate the way I do and what that gives them. I am so fortunate that my clients see my role as a recruiter to be an integral part of their business strategy.
Knowledge and client understanding means I act for them – I find what they need, and I achieve this WITHOUT a database! My business model is not about processing people it’s about finding the person you want and whilst it may seem the two are the same thing, they are in fact, very different.
Ask me why?