So, the first thing that is important to say is that we are open about the fact we don’t collate or invite CV’s!

Our client led approach means we turn things around and find you what you need.  We are so clear about the desire to add value to your business.  Knowing the values of the candidate is a part of our exploration to find you the right candidate.

We reach out to the market with not only a brief about a specific role but with a commercial understanding of your business values and culture.  We explore people and look for the right fit.  We only send a shortlist of suitable candidates and our honesty with you throughout the process demonstrates our commitment to results that last!

The benefits to you are:

  • People bring their whole self to work rather than a sanitised persona
  • Smoothing the conflict between what is measurable and what matters
  • Candidates who are accountable to each other and to the people they support
  • Ensuring candidates can express their sense of the company values
  • Preventing traditional patterns of hire on skill and fire on attitude
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