Transparency is a big part of our business as we believe that by sharing our process clearly shows you how we stand by our values to deliver a service built on trust and support for your success.
Recruitment is like finding the right shoe – you need comfort, it has to feel right, work right and last!
You need performance to support your productivity – sometimes you outgrow or need to make a change because your business it is taking a new path. You need the people to help you and your business adventure and having the right candidates is essential.
Backed up by our service pledge, we know we take the right steps, so you get the right result.

We start by talking to you and knowing your goals – we talk culture and ambitions.

At the heart of this are our key principals:

Being Authentic

Providing genuine solutions that overcome challenges

Being Passionate

Easing your pain sharing the risk and being your ambassador

Being Intentional

Commitment to delivering actions with purpose

By being a people business, we are driven by people to ensure our people are happy. Take a look at our STEPS TO SUCCESS page for more details on how we align people, process, and product.


Securing the right candidate first time enhances the engagement of the successful person, adding immediate added value to your business
We will find candidates that have the required skills, experience, and ability to fulfil the role. * We won’t waste your time with underqualified applicants
We evaluate candidate’s values to ensure they either share or willing to engage with your company’s values
We will only invoice 70% of the agreed recruitment fee once the assignment is completed. The remaining 30% is only payable when the successful candidate passes their probation period. **
If a candidate does not pass their probation period, we will supply a replacement candidate and waive the remaining 30% payment.
We can find a fully competent candidate to suit whatever role you need. We are so confident in this that we are happy to share the profit risk with you.
*On the basis that recruitment for the role is given exclusively to Patrick Lonergan Recruitment Ltd.
**In conjunction with our terms and conditions, and with a maximum period of three months’ probation. The remaining 30% recruitment fee is still payable if a candidate leaves your organisation because of redundancy or business factors outside the control of Patrick Lonergan Recruitment Ltd.
We reduce your risk
we hold back 30% of the recruitment fee until the candidate has passed his or her probation.
In the unlikely event that they don’t, we’ll find a replacement and waive the 30%.